air jordan 6, nike air jordans 1

air jordan 6, nike air jordans 1

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air jordan 6

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have another three that were gifts from his brothers. Now mind you these four pairs that he bought were thru the span of over a year. Since I was just a few months pregnant he bought the first pair. When I was pregnant I was told air jordan 6 I qualified for WIC. Why wouldn't I take the help? Yes we work but we just get by. Yes he likes to splurge on sneakers every once in a while but that's not a day to day thing. Food is. That's why I get mad that every time we get nike air jordans 1 a few extra bucks, DH goes shopping and only wants to get him the expensive stuff. So please stop bashing. I didn't mean to start all this craziness. I was just looking in his closet and saw all the sneakers. Half of them are already air jordan 7 for sale cheap outgrown like newborn sizes. DH injured himself at work in February so yea money is tighter now than it was 6 months ago. Say what u wanna say but I don't think I'm a bad person. I do work. We don't sit home and collect unemployment lebron james shoes finish line or collect food stamps just because we can. Just trying to get by. No we aren't poor but I'm not gonna turn down free baby food. Kill me. No your not a terrible person. Hell I accept wic and use the money I save on my grocery jordan matthews high school football schedule 2012 bill to be able to do things like rec soccer for my five year old. Some might say that is horrible but I don't really care. You DO need to talk to your dh about spending. It's going to become awfully hard to sustain that jordan 3's type of spending on LO over the next few years. There's nothing wrong with splurging on expensive things for your kids if you can afford it, but Obviously your financial situation isn't stable enough for that to be true. Some of air jordan 9 release 2010 these things just take time for dad's to learn. With my oldest dh often went overboard with things like toys and shoes. Three kids and one factory pink slip later he's over it, because he has come to realize kids don't care about kd for sale these things. In reality the people who see your LO in expensive stylish clothes don't care about these things either. More than likely they are secretly judging you for a pointless waste of money. No your not a terrible person.