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Adidas ZX 700 Mens Womens GS Running Shoes White-Light Blue-Yellow
Adidas ZX 700 Mens Womens GS Running Shoes White-Light Blue-Yellow

Nike New Balance Sneakers: Without so much as a preview, the Nike Air Rejuven8 Mule 3 hit retailers just in time for its breathable and lightweight design to offer a breath of fresh air this summer. And for the second time in as many weeks, we have a new set of Air Rejuven8 Mule 3s to show you, and though this one might have a bit more lead-in time, you still might have trouble finding a pair. That’s because these new digi-camo Rejuven8 Mule 3s are prefixed with the ‘AP’ denoting Asia-Pacific exclusive status. It’s probably all for the best as this progressive series has seen better sales in the Asian market, though we’re certain a fair number of US sneakerheads will see to importing a pair. Click through to see closer views of both pairs and stick with Sneaker News for updates regarding a possible stateside release date. via Chapter ExpressNike Air Rejuven8 Mule 3 APSail/Khaki-Smoke-Baroque Brown441377-100Wolf Grey/Neutral Grey-Blue Grey-Cool Grey441377-100 by Nike New Balance Sneakers

Nike New Balance Sneakers - “Nothing is original. Steal from anywhere that resonates with inspiration or fuels your imagination.”Ok, sneakerheads, you have 10 seconds to come up with a guess as to which sneaker brand posted this as a part of a recent collaboration. Time’s up; and no, we’re sorry, but the answer is not ‘A Bathing Ape’. Instead, this message comes from an American-born brand that utilizes a process similar to BAPE’s to come up with their sneaker simulacra: Gourmet. And since we’re talking about a brand named after fine foods that borrows its design cues from other prominent labels, what better an establishment with whom to collaborate than a Korean burger shop that has been compared to Fatburger The only way to improve upon that tightly-knit concept is to find inspiration in yet another California cow sammich distributor: In-N-Out Burger. So if you happen to be in South Korea and need a new pair of kicks, hold the lettuce, check out the Gourmet x Thunder Burger pop-up shop in Soeul, images of which can be seen when you click on the jump below. via SxH by Nike New Balance Sneakers

A little over a week after our most recent look at upcoming releases from the latest Liberty of London x Nike Sportswear collaboration, another new model has hit retail. The Nike Blazer Mid for women by Liberty has a very feminine look thanks to its unique floral print, and though the pink sections certainly stand out, there are a variety of complimentary shades that actually make up the bulk of the design. Click through to get a closer look at these and look for them at the best NSW accounts like Cambridge, Mass’ Concepts. by Nike New Balance Sneakers

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