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The aim of the present study was to investigate several neuropharmacological effects of the methanol extract of the aerial parts in blossom of Hypericum canariense, H. glandulosum, H. grandifolium and H. reflexum (Hypericaceae). These extracts did not alter significantly the locomotor activity, body temperature or the pentobarbital-induced sleeping time, with the exception of H. reflexum which significantly potentiated pentobarbital-induced sleeping time at both doses assayed (500 and 1000 mg/kg p.o.). Additionally, neither muscle relaxant nor anticholinergic activity was observed. These extracts antagonized the ptosis and/or motor depression induced by tetrabenazine and also shortened the immobility time in the forced swimming test. Moreover, the H. glandulosum and H. grandifolium extracts at 1000 mg/kg p.o. potentiated the head twitches induced by 5-HTP. These observations suggest that the methanol extract of the Hypericum species in doses of 500-1000 mg/kg p.o. possess antidepressant activity in mice, without inducing significant muscle relaxation, anticholinergic and sedative properties.