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Nike Air Jordan XI 6 New Releases Mens Basketball Shoes Grey Pink

nike shop schweiz and there was a time when this super exclusive laser-ed out red version of air jordan iv was pretty high up in the nike shop schweiz hierarchy of rarest air jordan iv’s of all time, its appearances being among the nike shop schweiz fewest and most far between in realm of samples. jordan brand men like gentry humphrey and carmelo anthony have sort of erased that status with some of their recent show-off moments, but that’s not to say pair wouldn’t still be a coveted addition to any given collection. hit jump with us to check out most detailed gallery we’ve seen yet of red laser version of air jordan iv and check out chance to own these from depeche23mode on ebay.

nike shop schweiz is nike keeps pedal to the nike shop schweiz metal when it comes to new boot designs, and in this case, extends the nike shop schweiz reimagination of its classics we just saw on air magma 2012. in fact, nike air lava dome 2012 features a very similar sole update to contemporary magma, including same translucent bottoms that made earlier revelation so intriguing. this black mix of suede and ripstop nylon goes with a ghoulish green that looks like it would glow in dark, but a quick flip of switch proves otherwise. they’re a bit higher than lava dome we’ve come to know and love over past three decades and prove that just about every classic swoosh silhouette can be refreshed with a new look, and you can see more of this first pair after jump below.

nike shop schweiz and while nike lebron x is obviously every bit a new design you’ve gotta expect a few of the nike shop schweiz combos from the nike shop schweiz last go round to do their thing on silhouette, something which may or may not be going on here. taking a quick look at silver and orange pair pictured ‘mango’ has to immediately come to mind-even though orange tone isn’t quite spot on speckles and silver/black supporting cast certainly point to that sort of look. interestingly badge towards back is sporting some sort of diamond design this time around, suggesting that nike lebron x shown will play a role in greater diamond theme that’s been conveyed by collection so far. hit jump for full photos of nike lebron x, along with some of its sitting next to nike lebron 9 ‘mango’, and let us know if you think this is a sequel of sorts or something entirely new. also, big thanks to raymond for photos.

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